About the artist

Tea Jagodić, born in 1992 in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina, currently lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. After successfully completing her graphic design studies in Banja Luka, she devoted herself to conceptual photo manipulation for ten years, while at the same time developing her skill in designing covers for books. For the last six years, her focus has been on this aspect of design, approaching it with the same enthusiasm and professionalism as conceptual art.

Tea has excelled not only in the domestic market, but also in international publishing, in cooperation with publishing houses from abroad. Her visuals of book covers have won the sympathy of both domestic and foreign readers, thus further strengthening her position in the world of art and publishing.


In addition to working on books, she is engaged in designing music albums, film and theater posters, contributing to the recognition and visual identity of various artistic and cultural projects. Her collaboration with artists from the music and film industry allows her to transfer her art to a wide range of audiences and make a strong impact on the cultural scene.


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