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Tea Jagodić comes from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, born on February 2, 1992. She currently resides and works in Belgrade, Serbia, where she’s gained recognition as an award-winning self-portrait conceptual artist and book cover designer. She proudly calls herself a visual storyteller.
With over a decade of experience, Tea has showcased her work in various exhibitions across the Balkans, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK. Her art draws inspiration from deep emotions like pain, anger, and her passion for addressing stigmatized issues, societal problems and mental health.
Tea takes a unique approach by discussing topics often avoided in the online world, where people seek escape through fairy tales and pretty pictures. She uses her own body to explore real-life situations, offering empathy to those facing challenges and demonstrating that no one is alone in their struggles. Her work is direct, personal and raw, delivering an honest portrayal of human experiences.

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